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It's Time to Simplify Your IT
Your cloud journey should be painless and low-risk 
We will help you make it that way
We’ll work with you to plan a cloud journey that suits your business and we’ll manage your cloud-based IT services once you’ve arrived. With no IT baggage weighing you down, you can get on with running your business. Sound good? 

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With Our Cloud Service You Will Experience
Tightened Security
Get the best security to protect your business.
Lowered Costs
Our clients have seen up to a 30% reduction in IT spend.
A Mobilized Team
Bringing technology to every user- from any device.
Simplified IT
Relief from constant management, patching, updating, and upgrading.
Greater Agility
Free yourself from being locked in. Set yourself up for efficiency and growth.
Less Administration
Ease your IT burden. Decrease your IT maintenance.
What it's Like to Work With Mindcore...
The cloud has created a world where people, organizations, and things are securely connected and accessible to make the extraordinary possible.
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A Local Provider
"We've been working with businesses in cloud transformations for over 10 years. The key to a successful cloud migration is choosing the right provider to design, build, deploy, and then remain available to support your cloud the way you need it. The most important decision in your cloud transformation, is choosing the right provider that is an expert at taking you through that journey." 

- Matt Rosenthal, CEO of  Mindcore
When you work with a local IT service provider like us, we’ll work together to plan the right journey at the right pace for your business.

We do it for companies just like yours and we’re ready to do it for you. If you sign up for our trial today, you'll experience all the perks below, for FREE: 
  • We’ll take the time to get to know you
  •  We'll design your best path
  •  Show you what it will be like to free yourself from deployment and management hassles
  •  Show you how we will keep your systems up to date – always
When you choose to work with us, you and your team will be enabled to focus on better and more strategic things – like driving growth and increasing profit.
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